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The Proliferation of Edge and Transformation of the Iot Space

Wed 01 Nov 2023

In the realm of real-time updates and quick decision-making, latency in data response could be a bummer.

As the pendulum of the present-day industrial era swung between Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, the significance of IoT devices has only soared. Also, these devices have become connecting dots of the digital transformation story weaving together governments, industries, and people in an ecosystem driven majorly by the internet and data. One of the emerging technology trends, Edge Data Centers, holds the key to reducing latency, enhancing performance, and leveling up the user experience. Through this article, we’ll take a deep dive to understand how Edge can induce a transformative impact in the IoT space.

‘Computing on the Edge’

It’s a known fact that the purpose of Edge Data Centers is to bridge the gap between the data source and the end user through edge caching. Edge caching is basically, using caching servers to store content closer to the users. This helps the data center to be a connection between multiple networks or as an internet exchange point for a requesting device which could be a phone, a laptop, or any other IoT device. More frequently, these caching components pose as micro data centers which are modular systems designed to cater to workloads occurring out of the central data center. Now these components can include fog computing or multi-access computing. 

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