Growth Story

A global India captive to a global competency centre

EQ's foray into the Indian market began in 2014, with the establishment of its India capability centre. Over the past decade, EQ has been strengthening its India-based operations and developing its capabilities in the region. EQ India has expanded its scope of services, evolving from a Global India Captive to a Global Competency Centre, to support EQ's growth story worldwide.

Continuing the momentum, EQ India aims to play an integral role in the broader development of EQ Group by delivering world-class financial solutions in the area of shareholder management by investing in technology talent, building cutting-edge solutions and promoting a culture of innovation.

With over 1400+ employees in Bengaluru and Chennai, EQ India encompasses 25% of the Group’s global workforce to become a major technology and operations hub for the EQ Group.

EQ India provides in-house support for technology, core business operations and finance functions to teams in the UK. As a Competency Centre to the largest share management company in the UK and the second largest in the US, EQ India has grown significantly in recent years.

EQ India is a critical component in EQ's global success as a leading fintech company in shareholder management providing cutting-edge services in Supporting Shareholder Solutions, Pensions Solutions, Investment Services, Employee Benefit Solutions, KYC Operations, Customer Experience Centre, HR Payroll Operations and Reconciliations. EQ India takes pride in providing world-class infrastructure for data protection, cybersecurity and business continuity.

We will continue to focus on talent acquisition, innovation and operational excellence while incorporating the same DNA and values of the EQ Group.

Our story

Come join us

Because we invest in you. 
We have state-of-the-art processes and systems to train our new recruits in our key domains of Capital Markets, Share Registration, and Pensions.

Because it is an unbeatable learning opportunity.
Our team possesses expertise in a wide range of leading Software, Infrastructure Technologies, Operations, and Finance. We encourage you to build expertise in as many as you wish.

Because we are world-class.
India has proved itself emphatically as a talent centre for technology and our team has within it leading experts who will share with you global best practices and innovation frameworks.

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