Information Security

Ensuring compliance with UK GDPR, US Data Privacy and Data Protection Laws, and the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023

Data is the most valuable asset of an organisation, especially for the ones which base its entire business model on the strategic use of data. Hence, protecting and securing the data is a top priority.

EQ India places utmost importance to the security and protection of our clients' data. We ensure that we have the best-in-class measures in place to provide the utmost level of data protection and cyber security to our customers’ data.  Our comprehensive data security measures are specifically designed to adhere to the stringent requirements outlined in the UK GDPR, US data privacy and data protection legislation. Whether operating locally or internationally, our priority is to ensure that EQ's risk profile remains uncompromised.

To fortify our defence against cyber threats, EQ India follows a robust cybersecurity architecture based on the NIST model. This model emphasises the principles of Protect, Detect and Respond, allowing us to adopt a proactive approach to safeguard our clients' valuable data. Our cybersecurity practices align with the globally recognised ISO27001/2 standards, ensuring that our clients' data remains secure at all times. By prioritising both data protection and cybersecurity, we provide a secure environment for our clients' sensitive information.

Data protection

At EQ India, providing data protection and security to customers’ data is of utmost importance. Our comprehensive data security measures are aligned with major global data protection legislation, ensuring that EQ's risk profile remains unaffected regardless of our operational location.

Here's is a look at our robust system to safeguard customer data:

  1. Secure data storage: Customer information is not stored in India. Instead, it is housed in top-tier data centres located in the UK and US. Access to this data is strictly controlled and can only be done through EQ-owned laptops/desktops.
  2. State-of-the-art frameworks: Our experienced and competent team continuously develops and maintains state-of-the-art frameworks incorporating advanced security measures, including:
    • Encryption protocols to protect data during transmission
    • Advanced Anti-Malware systems to detect and prevent malicious software
    • Endpoint Detection and Response to monitor and respond to any security incidents
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software installed on all end-user devices, preventing the unauthorised downloading, storage, emailing, or printing of customer data on EQ-owned desktops/laptops
    • Secure network connections to ensure data integrity and protection
  3. Physical access control: The Client Services floor, where sensitive operations take place, is kept secluded and continuously monitored through secure physical access control and surveillance measures.
  4. Employee verification: Offshore employees undergo thorough verification processes in accordance with security industry standards. This includes rigorous checks such as 5-year background and criminal record investigations.

Cyber security

EQ India's robust cybersecurity architecture is based on a comprehensive and impenetrable five-layered model, which follows the principles of Protect, Detect and Respond. EQ India’s cybersecurity practices are compliant with the globally recognised ISO standards, to ensure utmost level of cyber security.

We employ multiple preventive mechanisms to fortify our cyber defences, including:

  • Anti-malware: Implementing advanced anti-malware systems to detect and neutralise potential threats
  • Firewalls: Deploying firewall systems to guard against unauthorised access and network breaches
  • Device controls: Enforcing stringent controls on device usage and security protocols
  • System "Hardening": Implementing security configurations to strengthen the resilience of our systems
  • Threat intelligence-led monitor & prevention: Utilising real-time threat intelligence to proactively monitor and prevent cyber threats
  • External threat monitoring: Constantly monitoring and assessing emerging threats to further enhance our security measures
  • Intrusion detection & prevention: Employing sophisticated systems to detect and prevent unauthorised access attempts
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR): Deploying EDR technology to monitor and respond to potential security incidents on the perimeter, servers, and endpoints
  • Data loss prevention: Implementing measures to prevent data loss across end-points, networks, email, web, and shared storage

At EQ India, we are committed to prioritising the confidentiality and integrity of our clients' data through the implementation of best in class measures. Our adherence to industry best practices and compliance standards enables us to provide a secure environment for our clients' sensitive information.

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