Learning & Development

Empowering colleagues through innovative learning for continuous improvement at EQ India

Learning is a continuous process. At EQ India, we foster a culture that ensures continuous learning for our colleagues.

We continuously motivate and encourage our colleagues to develop a passion for learning and growth, empowering them and fostering commitment. Learning is a core value at EQ India.

EQ India has a strong Learning & Development team that invests time and effort in training and upskilling colleagues in various skill sets. The Learning & Development team ensures that its learning offerings are designed creatively and innovatively to meet the needs of millennial learners.

Attract and retain talent
Develop people's capabilities
Create a values-based culture
Build the EQ brand
Motivate and engage colleagues

How we make it happen

EQ India is focused on building and developing new-age leaders who can innovate and drive change in the global Fintech landscape through curated learning programs.

We have a robust Learning & Development strategy to make learning effective and appealing for everyone.

Leaders ConnEQt: Our Leadership Development Program, 'Leaders ConnEQt', is designed to help new and aspiring leaders unleash their potential and nurture high-performing teams. The program enhances leadership knowledge, skills, abilities, and strengths to bring out the best leadership qualities.

Behavioral VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) programs: Our Behavioral Skills Training intervention uses an experiential and need-based approach to train colleagues in behavior changes and attitudes that enhance personal efficiency and performance.

Workday learning: E-learning courses are carefully curated and assigned based on job roles, boosting productivity and revenue streams by providing better service. These courses are convenient and flexible, appealing to all age groups.

Communities of interests/ learning: We integrate meaningful community engagement into teaching and learning strategies across six active communities. This enriches the learning experience with a focus on reciprocal learning and reflection.

Bite-sized learning: To facilitate on-the-go learning, we provide capsule learnings with bite-sized information, a popular learning format. These capsule learnings are shared with colleagues through mailers once every fortnight, adapting to the fast-paced modern world.

University collaborations: We have entered into a partnership with Amity University exclusively for EQ India colleagues to enroll in professional courses at discounted rates for personal development and for the benefit of their immediate family members.

External certification: Continuous improvement is highly valued at EQ India, where we encourage our colleagues to enhance their technical knowledge with external certifications, drive process improvement, and achieve career growth.

People and culture

Our Learning and development programs are delivered by skilled trainers who mentor and coach our colleagues through various skill development and competency-building initiatives.

With the expertise of our dynamic Learning and development team, we provide effective training solutions using creative and innovative approaches that capture the attention of the learners.

Come join us

Because we invest in you. 
We have state-of-the-art processes and systems to train our new recruits in our key domains of Capital Markets, Share Registration, and Pensions.

Because it is an unbeatable learning opportunity.
Our team possesses expertise in a wide range of leading Software, Infrastructure Technologies, Operations, and Finance. We encourage you to build expertise in as many as you wish.

Because we are world-class.
India has proved itself emphatically as a talent centre for technology and our team has within it leading experts who will share with you global best practices and innovation frameworks.

Careers at EQ India