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Intruder Alert! Ensuring Physical Security for Preventing Cybercrime

Wed 29 Mar 2023

By Chandrasekar Kesavan, Director, Office Services, InfoSec, Risk & Compliance, Equiniti India.

In today’s highly digitized world, data is the most valuable asset that organizations possess. Cybercriminals are constantly devising new and innovative methods to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. While most businesses employ various cybersecurity measures to protect their networks from online attacks, physical security breaches can still pose a significant risk. Hackers can use physical breaches to bypass digital security measures and gain access to valuable data. Cybercrime is predicted to cost the world $7 trillion USD in 2022, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. If it were measured as a country, then cybercrime would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China!

Clearly, cyber security is critical. However, while cybersecurity measures are crucial for safeguarding against online attacks, they are not enough to protect against physical breaches. Physical breaches are different from digital attacks, as they involve gaining access to physical assets instead of exploiting software or network vulnerabilities.

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