Coronavirus (COVID-19) and EQ India

We find ourselves living in very difficult times where the spread of the Coronavirus causes great concern and anxiety in the community. Keeping safe must be all our priority to ensure the spread is minimized and quickly halted.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our Bengaluru and Chennai office with only a few critical staff present for support purposes and around 80% of employees are actively working-from-home as of March 23rd for their health and safety.

We are responding the threat in the following ways:


Our comprehensive business continuity and pandemic plan has been put into place. These plans had been reviewed and revised again in detail during our COVID-19 planning. We have made progress in moving to Work from Home wherever possible with the priority to maximise our service to key areas of Operational delivery and IT support and we will continue to build on this. At the same time we constantly examine ways on how we can continue the level of service to our UK and US teams given we are a key part of a Global company providing key services to all our Clients and the Customers they support.

Contingency plan:

The nature of the virus is such that we have considered a wide range of scenarios that could emerge and how EQ India would respond. We will continue to adapt our approach as needed to this ever-evolving situation.

We have a collective social responsibility to look after each other, and at EQ India we are doing our best to contribute toward this goal.

Thanks & regards,
Sam Halford

Managing Director